10 goals for 2017

I’m pretty sure I am a little late on the new year resolution thing but hey, better late than never! Here’s a list of goals that I want to challenge myself to complete by the end of the year. I love setting goals even if they’re small because it gives me something to work towards and be proud of after 🙂

  1. Graduate college with a high average. I graduate from my program next year in March and school hasn’t always been my strong suit. I’ve always struggled with procrastination and submitting things in last minute. As this new school is a lot more strict and less forgiving, I’m challenging myself to graduate with honours and make my money spent worth while.
  2. TRAVEL. MORE. A LOT. MORE. It’s been 2 years since my last big trip and let me tell you, the urges in my body and mind to want to pack up and leave are alive and kicking.
  3. Try new foods and cuisines. I’m a person who finds comfort in Italian and Western food. You can always catch me eating pretty much the same things. I want to go out and try different ethnic foods.
  4. Reach my fitness goals. I have recently started my own personal fitness journey as I really want to look better for myself, eat cleaner, and overall be a healthy and happy person. So far it’s been a slow and steady improvement. Stay tuned for posts on that!
  5. Do more challenging hikes. I’ve done quite a few hikes around my area and the hardest ones are always the ones with the best views. I’d love to backcountry camp as well at some point.
  6. Be smarter with my $$$. Your girl is poor. Reality has hit me that I need to be wiser and save for my future that is approaching faster than I expected.
  7. Be more outgoing and meet new people. I’m weird and can be both extremely introverted and extroverted. I need to change that to solely being extremely extroverted.
  8. Spend more time with my family. Our lives are way too busy these days to even talk to the people you share a roof with. That needs to change!
  9. Pick up a new hobby. I am a girl with very few talents. I’d love to start something cool like planting, becoming a better video/photo editor, or learn a new instrument.
  10. Go through this entire year HAPPY, HEALTHY, AND CONFIDENT. 


Stay rad,



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