Day 1: My Current Relationship

In an attempt to make my blog more interesting, I have resorted to looking all over Pinterest for writing ideas and fun challenges I can do. Here’s one I found that has really unique topics (link below for reference). I’ll be making a post or two per day using the prompts from this challenge 🙂 30 Days Challenge #1

1: Explain your current relationship.

If I could describe my current relationship in one word it would be “happy.” I am grateful enough to be blessed with an amazing man who showed me how to love and changed my life for the better. In the last 2 years I have gone through a tough breakup and highs and lows (mostly lows) with casual dating. My heart has gone through one hell of a ride and my confidence so low. My boyfriend treats me with utmost respect and makes me feel completely safe. I’ve never experienced love as strong and great as I have with him. Despite being in relationships in the past and believing that I was in love, I know now that I definitely wasn’t. Comparing the way I felt before to my current relationship, love is an amazing and powerful feeling that I never got reciprocated back to me until now. I think the best thing about what we share is that there is never any uncertainty. I am 100% confident in the decisions he makes and I have full trust in him to not only take care of me but to guard my heart for a very long time. He brings out the best traits in me and makes me feel like a strong, smart, beautiful woman – something I’ve never experienced before. We are two peas in a pod with the exact same personality and sense of humour. I’m so grateful that I met him and grew close to him at the time we did. It’s as if the universe knew that I was finally ready to love and be loved PROPERLY. All cheesiness aside, my current relationship is unbreakable and real and I hope everyone in this world gets to experience love whether it be romantic or not that is this intense.

Stay rad,



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