Day 3: My Experience With Partying

*If you want to see a pic of the challenge i’m doing that I got off Pinterest, the link is on my day 1 post! :)*

3. Write about your experiences with drugs or alcohol.

*Warning this might get deep af I have no idea just yet but we’ll see how this goes so I am sorry in advance if this post is long and weird and uncomfortable*

Wow okay, I did not think I would be opening up so quickly on this challenge lol. I’ve had a very interesting relationship with drugs and alcohol. I had my first drink in 9th grade with my best girl friends at a small house party in my town. I remember all we drank were coolers and terrible vodka. I didn’t get too drunk but I was definitely on a level. The second time that summer in 9th grade, we went to another party – a bonfire. I drank an entire 2 liter bottle of Growers Peach Cider all to myself and all I can remember was constantly rolling on the grass, getting cut and bruised, and throwing up 12 times in the middle of the night. After that, I barely drank again even throughout the rest of high school.

Now after practically staying “sober” for 3 years and being SUPER against doing any kind of drug and being around people who did, here’s where things get interesting. Yes, your girl went through a crazy experimenting and partying phase. More around the time I was 18 and just turning 19, I partied A LOT. The spark began again during my backpacking trip in Europe where almost every night was a bar/club crawl. It was in Amsterdam where I had my first encounter with dat guud guud through a brownie. It was a crazy feeling, like I was floating. I must admit, being 18 and legal in another continent and being able to do whatever I wanted was awesome and I craved more, especially when I came back home.

When I turned 19 (the legal age where I live), I was a single af girl who wanted to club and party and so I did. I went out at least 2-3 times a month and I never got tired of it. In the summer I found a lot of comfort with weed as I found more and more ways to do it to my liking and my body was getting used to it. I also was going through a very tough and dark time and smoking in general (yes, cigarettes too :$) helped a lot with my anxiety. I blazed about 3 times a week and although it was relaxing and chill, I always knew deep down it was something I never wanted to permanently have in my life. I didn’t want to become a pot head and rely on it.

Summer 2016 was good and bad but mostly bad. I attended 2 music festivals and filled my body with drugs and alcohol to make myself feel good and on another planet but I could feel myself getting weaker and lazier by the day. Feeling so low and hating myself made me wreck my body and I will forever regret that. BUUUT there are better days and I’ve learned to cut things out and by practicing moderation, I now only drink once in a month (at the most) for special events if there are any and I do not do drugs or smoke any more whatsoever.

Moral of the story is, I am not against experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Hell, I think that you should at least experience SOMETHING once in your life so you know the true effects of it and can later pass down that experience and lesson with your future kids and others you meet. However, stuff like that can really mess you up and get addicting. I was in no way an addict but with my emotions and the amounts I was doing at the time, It could have led there. Stay safe and be smart with your decisions and always make sure someone out there is looking out for you ❤

Stay rad,


*Wow that got real deep sorry yall. Now you all know a big piece of me and my past. Here’s to a better and healthier future :)*

*Featured photo from Tumblr*


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