Day 4: Religion

*If you want to see a pic of the challenge I’m doing that I got off Pinterest, the link is on my day 1 post! 🙂 *

Day 4: Share your religious views.

I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. Throughout my childhood I went to public school so in order to be a full member of the church, I had to do 7 years of Catechism (after school bible school). During those 7 years I received sacraments and became a member of the church. As a kid you don’t really understand what it all is, at least I didn’t. I didn’t mind going to church with my parents every Sunday as that’s all I knew.

In high school, I joined a Catholic youth group and quickly became super active with them. I was catholic af and loved all the friends I made. I was with this group for years and served in different areas. I was probably one of the holiest people you could ever meet. As I started to get older I soon found that I was growing out of it and my mind wasn’t in the right place anymore. I couldn’t lead the youth by example and so I stopped attending.

I don’t regret my decision to leave the youth group. I am still catholic but no longer a strong, practicing one. What I do miss is being involved in something greater than myself and getting to interact with other youth who were like-minded.

These days, I still believe in God and depend on Him for many things in my life. It’s amazing to believe in a higher power and have some sort of spirituality to practice. I don’t attend church as much as I used to/should but I don’t think I’ll ever stop believing in God or practicing Catholicism. I hope to pass on my faith to my future kids and family 🙂

Stay rad,



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