Day 5: A Personal Victory

*The prompt for today is “Share a time when you felt defeated and what happened next,” but I really want this blog to stay more on the positive side so I’m going to change the prompt to something else lol*

Day 5: Share a personal victory,

My most victorious moment was probably when I hiked up to Garibaldi lake with my friends last summer. I know that may not seem like anything special but to me it was. If you didn’t already know, I have Ankylosing Spondilitis. It is a chronic form of arthritis that honestly f*ks with you LOL. My dad has it and since it’s only a hereditary condition, ya girl got it as well. Besides all the other effects of arthritis, I am not able to run without limping, walk normally without a little limp, and my muscles and joints get sore and pulled on a daily basis.

I LOVE hiking (I will definitely be writing more about the hikes I’ve been on and the ones I want to do) and before this hike, I had never done a challenging level hike. Garibaldi Lake may not be difficult for most people but to me, 18km round trip of uphill switch backs on rough terrain was going to be a challenge. The views at the top were worth it and this was a trek I have been waiting to complete. The view at the halfway point (barrier view point) was honestly more amazing to me than the actual lake! It was an amazing place to have lunch and take in the views and how high up I had actually walked.

Even though I was dying on the way up and having issues with my legs and back, the trip was well worth it and I felt liberated at the top. Being at such a crazy serene place with other hikers and capturing some of the most BEAUTIFUL photos of the blue glacier lake and mountains surrounding (will share in a diff post) was awesome. I definitely want to go back and challenge myself to hike this again and also do other hikes equally if not more challenging! I honestly couldn’t believe I made it and it was amazing day with some great pals.

If you’re from Vancouver, have you done Garibaldi or anything similar? What’s your favourite hike? 🙂

Stay rad,




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