Day 7: My Zodiac Sign

Day 7: Reveal what your zodiac sign is and whether or not it’s a good fit.

I’m born at the end of November, which makes me a Sagittarius! I believe 100% that I fit my sign completely. Main reason being that Sagittarius’ are adventurers and travellers. We are very adventurous, spontaneous, and optimistic – traits that I have always had. I LOVE to travel and go outside and explore, no matter the distance. It’s also said that a Sagittarius is very stubborn and confident, especially with certain views one may hold. This holds true for me in some circumstances, especially pertaining to my religion/spirituality and topics within. I am also a very independent person and someone that loves change and craves for it.

Sagittarius’ are also hopeless romantics and people pleasers. I love the people in my life and when I love someone romantically, I love HARD. I will go above and beyond and do everything in my power to make them and the people in my life happy. I love helping others and giving advice. It makes me happy when I make others feel good about themselves.

Lastly, another trait that fits me well with my sign is being ambitious. I am a dreamer and a planner. I love thinking big and setting up challenges for myself to work towards. I have big goals and plans for the future and I have nothing but confidence that I can get to them! 🙂

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