Day 9: 5 things I want to experience in the future

Day 9: List 5 things you would love to experience in the future

  1. Coachella Valley Music Festival: I have a really bad obsession and addiction to concerts and music festivals. Coachella is one that NEVER disappoints with their lineups and honestly it would just be an awesome trip going down to the California desert. I want to attend this festival before I die so I can stop crying while watching the live streams LOL.
  2. Fly in First Class: To be honest, this would probably never voluntarily happen unless I happen to strike and win the million dollar lottery and had money to blow BUUUT this is a dream of mine to try first class! I’m really small so flying in coach has never really bothered me but it would be amazing to feel bougie for a 14-16 hour flight. If an airline ever sees this, please upgrade me for free 😀
  3. Bungee Jump, Sky Diving, etc: I am DYING to test my limits and do more adventure activities that pump the adrenaline. It’s on my bucket list to do all of these in New Zealand as that’s where a lot of adrenaline activities were invented.
  4. Scuba diving/obtaining PADI: I love swimming and snorkeling is great but I am sooo interested in actually getting deep into the water and exploring reefs and wrecks. Even though the thought of wrecks freaks me out, it is truly a one of a kind experience. Also, swimming with marine life is crazy and (if it’s safe) it’s something i’d love to experience.
  5. The Inca Trail: I have terrible conditioning but honestly the fact that you can hike up to one of the greatest wonders of the world – Machu Picchu is insane! I would love to conquer this trek and explore everything there is to offer not only on the trek but South America in general.

Stay rad,



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