Day 11: Top 10 Songs I Will Love Forever

Day 11: Share 10 songs that are on your favourite playlist.

I love music so much! It is a huge part of my life and I have such a random and crazy sense of music taste. After getting over my gross pre-teen punk rock, top 40 radio pop hits phase, I found Indie and Alternative rock. That was the first actual music genre I found and loved but it was tough to share with others (still is to this day) because it is such an “acquired taste” – as are other music genres. I also grew up listening to R&B and a little bit of hip hop so those genres for sure carried out. Recently over the past few years, I have gotten to like EDM more, more specifically dubstep. LOL so there is a brief overview of the kind of music I could be listening to. Here are my top 10 FAVOURITE FAVOURITE SONGS AND WHY I LOVE THEM OK BYEEEE:

  1. Crazy In Love – Beyonce and Jay Z:  Do I even really have to explain why this song is on here and number 1? When this song comes on at the club or really anywhere even on the street, you better believe ya girl will be popping her booty. I am also obsessed with Oh Wonder’s cover of this song, go listen to it here!
  2. Slow Jamz – Kanye West, Twista, Jamie Foxx:  Okay this song is probably my favourite old Kanye Song. It reminds me of my childhood because I heard it all the time and it is SO CHILL AND SEXY.
  3. Eventually – Tame Impala:  You guys already know Tame Impala is one of my favourite bands of all time but this song in particular is just so amazing to me. The meaning behind it of ending a relationship, the pain behind it, and eventually being happier in the long-run. It’s all so beautifully and simply written into a happy sounding song with insane acoustics.
  4. Kids – MGMT:  If you haven’t heard this song at least once then what are you doing?? This was the first indie song and band I EVER listened to and I found this song randomly because I heard someone playing it on the bus. This one is such a banger and it has amazing remixes made from it as well. Chances are you will recognize this song once you hear it and I love that because its YEAAARS old. If you’re into psychedelic kind of music check out “Electric Feel” from this album as well, you’re welcome.
  5. So Into You – Tamia:  This is one that resonates with me since childhood. I always thought this song was so cool and sexy and now that I am older, I am obsessed with the lyrics and the meaning behind it. If you like Donald Glover you should listen to his cover of this song, its bomb.
  6. Redbone – Childish Gambino: Speaking of Donald Glover, if you know me personally you know I go nuts to this song. It is the grooviest song you will every listen to. It came out in the fall and I still listen to it on repeat everyday. To be honest I wasn’t really feeling the rest of his new album but this track is bomb and I know this song will never get old for me.
  7. Work – A$AP Ferg: This song is so hype it is my favourite pre-drinking tune to jump around to. It’s just one of those songs thats perfect for a summer drive with the windows down blasting on full bass.
  8. Get You – Daniel Cesar and Kali Uchis: Okay okay okay I don’t even know what to say about this song other then go LISTEN TO IT PLEASE. It is soo incredibly good and deep and the lyrics are so sexy and racy but you don’t realize at first until you truly listen. I love this song and Daniel Cesar so much!
  9. Location – Khalid: Before this song blew up and my boy Khalid started growing and becoming more known, this song was my shiiiiit. It’s got the most incredible bass and the catchiest tune. It’s super easy to sing along to and you know your girl is a sucker for romatic af songs that are masked by clever lyrics.
  10. Somebody Else – The 1975: This is honestly my favourite song out of this entire list. The first time I heard 30 seconds of it I fell in love. It is so deep and sad but sweet at the same time. Anything by the 1975 is amazing but this song takes the cake for me. “Our love has grown cold you’re intertwining your soul with somebody else” – LIKE WHOOO THINKS OF A LYRIC LIKE THAT UGH ❤


Stay rad,



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