Day 12: A Day in My Life

Day 12: A day in your life – break it down and share with your readers.

Alright I’ve been slacking on posting as I have been extremely busy with school over the past few days, so I’m sorry! Here is a typical day in my life during the week when I go to school 🙂

5:30am – Wake up… yes seriously, wake tf up Tanya

5:45am – Still pressing that snooze button and regretting life

6:00am – Get up and take a shower

6:15am – Put on my uniform, my face (makeup lol), and get my life together

7:00am – Rush rush rush trying to make myself a small breakfast and lunch for the day

7:10am – Leave and drive down to the mall where I park my car for the day

7:40am – Get on the skytrain and stay on for literally an hour since I live in the boonies until I get to my stop

8:15am – Walk to school. I am now in Downtown Vancouver!

8:30am – 5:00pm – Suffer a full and long day in class and probably head out somewhere to eat/get food with my pals

5:00pm – Try and beat rush hour but that never works out.. Hop back on the train and go for another few minutes

5:30pm – Meet up with bae (sometimes hehe)

6:00pm – Eat a snack and then head to the gym and GET PUMPEDDD

7:30pm – Leave the gym and probably go out somewhere for dinner where we eat back the calories we just burned off LMAO #eatclean

9:00pm – Go home and Netflix and chill and probably end up falling asleep thinking about all the homework I have

11:00pm – Cry because leaving bae 😦 and then eventually head home to my bed who awaits me ❤

12:00am – Go to sleep and process that I will have to endure another day on 5 hours of sleep lol. AND REPEAT!

Alright folks there was a typical day in my life, sorry if that was a boring post 😛

Stay rad,



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