Day 13: A place I NEED to see again

Day 13: Share a place you’ve visited before and would like to again.


I have done my fair share of travel for a 20 year-old and I have already talked a little bit about Greece, which is my favorite country, so I will talk about a country I visited summer of 2015 that I did not get enough time in: GERMANY!

I visited Munich overnight as a quick stopover on a Contiki bus tour I did that went all around central Europe from late June-July To be honest, it was a place that I always overlooked on the itinerary and didn’t really care much for as I wasn’t huge on beer at the time. When we finally drove into Germany, it was on the Auto Bahn highway (a road where there is absolutely no speed limit LOL) and our bus driver was casually hitting approximately 200km/h!

Munich was the cutest city and I was obsessed with the old and modern contrast between the road pavings and the buildings. Since we had so much to pack into the rest of the afternoon, the first thing we did was “Mike’s Bike Tours.” If you EVER go to Europe, especially Munich YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TOUR! I know some other major European cities offer this bike tour but I believe it originated in Munich. You basically get a bike and ride around with hilarious tour guides all around the main spots in the city and then end up at a typical German Beer Garden for dinner which was super cool to experience. It was so much fun and it was a beautiful way to see the city like a true local. My favourite part was heading into the Englischer Gardens where there was a strong river channel where people can casually float, swim, and even surf on. Most of the people on my tour ended up jumping in with their clothes on and floating! At the end of the tour we had some free time and my friends and I headed to the Hofbrauhaus Beer Hall (the official beer of Munich and is the one served during Oktoberfest) where we had some beers and some food. At this point a lot of people, including myself, were quite ill so we couldn’t do too much but it was still a great casual experience.

I think what I loved the most about my short time in Germany was the laid-back culture. Everyone was so chill about drinking in public and just being free to do as one pleased. It was something that I don’t get to experience back home and everyone seemed to be so happy and friendly. I can’t wait to return one day and spend more time in this wonderful city and get to other major cities like Berlin and Frankfurt!

Stay rad,



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