Day 15: Favorite Instagram Accounts

Day 15: Share your 5 favourite pinterest accounts – (as ironic as it may be as I got this challenge off of pinterest, I don’t use it often so I’ll be sharing my 5 fave instagram accounts! 🙂

  • Asap Rocky: This is random I know LOL but his feed is just so damn cool! Everything is connected and colour coordinated. It is just aesthetically pleasing to my eyes.


  • Arthur and Amelia: This is an account made for 2 of the CUTEST FREAKING CORGI BABIES EVER. If you know me, you know that half my following list are corgis/dogs but these two are my favourite because they get dressed up and posed and they’re just so damn cute and small.


  • All About Adventures: This is such a cool page/community of people who get together and go on hikes, trips, and adventures together! It gives me so much wanderlust and inspiration to add more things to my bucket list. There are a lot of similar accounts (mine included LOL) but this one has always been my favourite.


  • No Destinations: This page was made by a couple, Chris and Danika, who in 2014 quit their jobs, sold everything including their house, and literally travel all around the world and document it! They are my LIFE GOALS MAN. Their photos are amazing and they travel to destinations that aren’t usually fancied so that definitely adds to my huge bucket list.


  • Jonathan Reyes: I just had to include this one, Jono is actually a friend of mine from Australia I met in Europe on a Contiki we were on together. His page and the photos he posts are amazing and carefully chosen/edited. He also makes vlogs and short videos so those always get my travel feels going! If you want to follow a talented, aesthetically pleasing dude, check out my fraaand! 🙂


There you have it, my top 5 instagram accounts I love! Please check these out and give them all a follow because they definitely deserve it.

Stay rad,






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