Day 16: 5 singers you should all listen to!

Day 16: Name five singers you think your readers should listen to.

I wish I could name more than 5 because I love music so much and I have so many good recommendations buut here are my top 5 that I think are great to get into:

  1. Mac Demarco: This man makes the most amazing and soothing 90’s inspired music. The first time I heard him it was love at first song. He sounds like an indie SpongeBob in a sense (you’ll know once you hear him). He’s a great find and super up and coming so it wont be long until he’s everywhere!
    • Listen to:
      • Chamber of Reflection
      • Blue Boy
      • Let Her Go
      • Just the entire Salad Days album plz LOL
  1. Daniel Caesar: If you love sexy R&B you will definitely love this guy if you haven’t heard him already! The way he writes his songs are unbelievable, it sounds so innocent that it hides how racy the lyrics are. He is for sure a favorite in my books! Best part is, he’s Canadian!
    • Listen to:
      • Streetcar
      • Get You
      • Won’t Live Here
      • Japanese Denim
  1. The 1975: Yup another indie rock band (sorry hehe). You guys better know these guys and Matty in all his glory. The reason why I recommend them is because they are probably the most versatile band I’ve ever come across. They go 0-100 REAL QUICK when it comes to sad and sultry tunes to the full on rock and happy tunes. Listen to their first self-titled album, its the best 🙂
    • Listen to:
      • Somebody Else
      • Undo
      • Settle Down
      • Robbers
      • If I believe You
  1. Kanye West: Okay I thought I’d throw in my favorite rapper because why not? I know Kanye is a love or hate kind of guy but the dude is honestly a musical genius! He has got all the classic hits from childhood and he not only makes amazing music but the artwork that goes along with it is amazing. If Kanye ever comes to your town for a concert, please do yourself the favor and go! You will not regret.
    • Listen to:
      • The entire Life of Pablo album it’s seriously incredible
      • Homecoming
      • Touch the Sky
      • Slow Jamz
      • Flashing Lights
      • Jesus Walks
  1. Parks, Squares, and Alleys: This is a band that I literally discovered at the beginning of this month and they are amazing! Another chill indie band (SORRY LOOL THATS ALL I LISTEN TO), much like The Japanese House. They’ve got great acoustics and really cool lyrics if you actually listen 🙂
    • Listen to:
      • We’re Not Just Friends
      • Against Illusions and Reality
      • Parasites
      • Youth
      • Bicycle

And that wraps it up y’all. I hope you listen to these people already and if you haven’t please check them out! I would love to connect with more people who share the same music taste as me as it’s rare!

Stay rad,



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