Day 17: 5 good and bad things about 2016

Day 17: Describe 5 good and bad things about last year.

2016 was a terrible year – I’m sure many of you can relate that it was just NOT our year girl! Despite it being a bad year, I learned a lot about myself and about my worth. I guess I did gain something good from all the bad.

Highs and lows of casual dating.

I was a single ass lady in 2016 and I had my fair share of good and bad Tinder dates. Oddly enough, I did manage to talk to and meet people from abroad that I do consider to be friends of mine in a non-romantic way so that was a good outcome of it! Now for good ol’ Tinder, I have some of the funniest and cringiest stories you could ever hear about dates I’ve been on. You could say your girl was an IDIOT in a lot of cases. I still came out of it with no regrets but sometimes I do feel shame for stooping my standards low and settling for less than what I deserved. I’m glad that I had the experience of dating but I’m super happy with where I am now in a serious relationship 🙂

Discovered who my true friends are.

2016 involved a lot of losses – friends included. Yet in the end, the best thing about the year was ending it with my best friends and knowing that I have groups of close friends to lean on and have fun with. The people I became close with by the end of the year are gems that I can trust and never have a dull moment with. I’m so thankful to have good people in my life.

Pemberton Music Festival.

Pemby was by far the most AMAZING experience I’ve had thus far in my life (besides travelling of course). It was a long weekend full of new friends, amazing music, LOTS -perhaps too much – alcohol, and clam chowder to last a lifetime. I can’t even begin to explain the feels I had before, during, and after. I have never been so consistently happy in 2016 until I went to Pemby, it was almost “therapy” for me ironically enough. I have the craziest stories and funniest memories that I would love to share with you in a future post 🙂 If you ever want to go to a music festival, especially a camping one, JUST GO AND BUY A TICKET!! YOU WILL NEVER REGRET!!

I spent 3/4’s of the year hating myself.

Let me tell you something, the Tanya you see and know today WAS NOT THE SAME GIRL IN 2016. 2016 Tanya was a complete and utter mess and she was not cute. A lot of things were going wrong in my life and I didn’t know why. There was never anything I could do to control or fix it. That takes a toll on a person and with all that build-up, I snapped and I really really thought something was wrong with me. All emo-ness aside, I find it so sad that I felt this way because nobody should EVER feel like they’re not worth anything. I just want to scream at 2016 Tanya and say “SHIT GETS BETTER GIRL YOU GOT THIS.”

I challenged myself and succeeded. 

My main goal last year was to challenge myself to get out there and do more! Hikes, adventures, make new friends, the whole nine yards. I did so many hikes, challenging ones that are out of my level of fitness AND I SURVIVED! I made a lot of new friends and strengthened bonds with my old friends. I worked a lot and made lots of money (where it went? I have no idea LOL). I allowed myself to loosen up and have fun and live a little. I experimented a lot and learned good and bad things. All in all, I did almost everything I wanted to do back then and for that I’m proud!


And that is all! Sorry if that was kind of emo but like I said, last year was horrible. This year however has been off to the most amazing start and I hope it stays this way 🙂

Stay rad,












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