Day 18: My Generation

Day 18: Share a quote that sums up the way you feel about your generation.

This one is easy. I’m going to be a little savage on my generation a bit because I am someone who experienced both sides of this quote. This one was tweeted by Donald Glover and it reads:

“Dumb ass generation. Bitches scared to love, niggas scared to show emotion. Everybody wanna be hard and heartless…”

I totally agree with him on this one. It is so true how in this age everyone is trying to prove themselves and turn into something that they’re not in the process. It’s so scary to me how love can scare off someone so much that they’ll loose everything and something/someone that meant so much over FEAR. I think emotion and showing true feelings is brave and selfless. It brings out the character in each of us and allows us to be vulnerable IN A GOOD WAY!

I cannot stress this enough (especially when it comes to relationships), showing emotion is something that people want to see and if it continues to be hidden that will cause a build up of anger and resentment. NOTHING WILL EVER BE BETTER unless everyone opens up to their emotions and true feelings. Pretending to be hard and using vices to cover up is what makes us a “dumb ass generation.” You’re only fooling yourself and your ego by being scared to love and by being heartless.

I could rant on and on about this topic but you get the picture. If you’re from my generation (born in the late 90’s) then you might understand my tea. I mean it’s great to have confidence and have a strong personality but do not be a coward to your inner self! Be different, be bold and brave, be yourself and don’t conform to the society described in this quote 🙂

Stay rad,



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