Day 19: My parents

Day 19: Reveal the relationship that you have/had with your parents.

I’m an only child so my parents paid a lot, perhaps too much attention to me over the years LOL. I would say overall I have a great relationship with my parents. Of course there was always little hiccups and fights that are inevitable but I love them both dearly and I have no hatred towards them!

Families always have their drama and ours definitely had some. Although it never directly affected me, it did affect the way I saw my parents and growing up it caused me to have grudges against them. They never seemed to handle things in the best light and many arguments and yelling-matches were held in front of me. Many of the fights I had to get involved and mediate myself.. Imagine an 8 year-old trying to calm down two angry adults! With all of that developing over the years, I would say I’m more calm and laid back than I was back then, despite having some anger present in the household. My parents are great now and things have for sure changed because everyone matured and grew from their mistakes.

Frankly, I am surprised I didn’t turn out to be a complete mess from everything that happened in my childhood. The way that they raised and treated me taught me a lot about the kind of mother I want to be to my future kids and in the end, I’d say we’re all doing alright 🙂 I have much love forever for them and I think they’re the most wonderful, kind, hardworking, and generous people in the world. I hope to end up just like them in the future.

Stay rad,




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