Day 20: My education/future!

Day 20: Share your education level and why you chose that path.

After I graduated high school, I decided to take nearly a year off to travel and work. I backpacked around Europe with a good friend for almost 2 months and then worked nearly full-time in retail in between. It was good not having the responsibility of homework and exams to worry about but my life was SO BORING.

January of 2015 I finally enrolled at a college that was close by but still reputable. I did general studies and took business classes and a math upgrading class so I could work towards my dream of having a degree in Hospitality/Tourism Management!The path at that college was going to take years and years but I settled because that was the cheapest option for school. I have to say, I HATED that school. It felt exactly like high school because it was so small and I knew too many people there. It felt like I never left. The teachers didn’t care much for you and nothing was ever remotely easy or personable.

Recently, I had an epiphany. After nearly 4 semesters of money wasted at that college, I decided to drop out and either continue working or find a job in the field. I just felt like I wasn’t achieving anything, my grades were terrible, and I just showed up to class to eat and sleep. I didn’t make a lot of friends there and the experience wasn’t worth my money.

I did some research and I found a private college in Downtown Vancouver that fit my needs to a T! It was a college specifically for Tourism and my field. I would get a degree in less than a year and more experience and benefits than the other college could have provided. The only thing was the price tag. PRIVATE COLLEGES ARE EXPENSIVE AF! Through student loans (RIP to my debt ass in the future) and hard work, I got accepted into the school and started my journey at the end of April 2017.

It has only been a month and I have made some of the greatest friends, the teachers are amazing and super great resources (they actually call you by name and have real conversations with you), the downtown life is such a refreshing change, I have a 4.0 GPA (that’s right brothers) and I plan on keeping that up, and I AM SUPER FREAKING HAPPY! I am making so much progress and this school has already helped me get a job at a bougie 4-star hotel downtown. Things are definitely looking up and I have zero regrets 🙂 Being able to study and be around like-minded people who are working toward similar goals is very motivating and everyone turns into awesome references or resources for the future.

I have dreamed of working abroad and working in the tourism/hospitality field. I think this fits my personality well as I love meeting new people, travel and talking about travel, and event planning. I can’t wait for where the future takes me and hopefully I like what I end up doing. Bottom line is, do not settle for what doesn’t make you happy – especially when it comes to school and where you’re putting your money! Study something that keeps you stimulated and works for you as a person 🙂

Stay rad,




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