Day 21: Guilty Pleasures

Day 21: Tell your readers about your favorite guilty pleasure shows or movies.

Wow it’s been quite a while since I’ve made a post on here.. Sorry I’ve been slacking! When life gets in the way, you have to find time and strength to get through the week and then focus on what relaxes you… like blogging! 🙂

Alright so I LOVE movies and watching TV, ever since I was a kid my dad used to take me to Blockbuster every Tuesday (because it was cheaper to rent LOL) and I would pick out 2-3 movies that I already have seen 12 times before. I don’t know what it is about movies but some of them just NEVER get old. Here’s a list of movies from my childhood and adulthood that I never get tired of:

White Chicks

White Chicks is one of those movies I hold near and dear to my heart. It is one of the funniest movies I will ever watch and honestly when I was a kid I watched this over 20 times. It’s such a classic and if you haven’t already seen it, please do and you will never regret! I quote this movie on a daily with friends who have seen it too.

The Hot Chick

Here is another old and timeless comedy that I never understood as a kid but when I watched it when I got older, the jokes were 10x funnier and raunchier. I mean, who doesn’t love a classic Rob Schneider movie?! The man is hilarious! I find that not many people know about this movie so I definitely recommend watching it.. and btw, “you can put your weed in there ;)”

The Parent Trap

I am completely obsessed with this movie! Fetus Lindsay Lohan at her prime I tell ya! I still to this day have no idea how they filmed this movie so perfectly considering it was made in the 90’s. I love the story, I love the happy ending, and I love how long it is. It’s one of my favorite movies to watch on a rainy day when I’m having me-time.

Jersey Shore

You either love this show or completely hate it but I think it is truly one of the most hilarious shows MTV has ever put out. I watched this show religiously in high school and continue to re-watch funny episodes to this day. DJ Pauly D is the funniest guy ever and he always yells out random words. This show never fails to make me die from laughing. If you like this show please let me know so we can watch together!

Gossip Girl

This is probably my favorite drama series I have seen. It took me FOREVER to finish on Netflix but it was totally worth it. I was obsessed with the bougie New York lifestyle, the hot boys and girls, the drama that always had me SHOOK, and the love triangles. Blair and Chuck forever ❤

Keeping up with the Kardashians

From the very first season, I was completely hooked to this show! I didn’t know much about the Kardashians before but I seriously lived out my bougie and expensive lifestyle of my dreams through this show. Lord Disick will forever be my idol and not to mention that my favorite rapper Kanye is married to Kim. I no longer watch the show but I just find it hilarious how ridiculous and extra this family is.


I am usually not a fan of musicals but seriously, how could you not love Grease?! I love the movie and soundtrack equally as much. It is such a classic and will always be a favorite of mine. Thank God they put it on Netflix LOL

Mrs. Doubtfire

I know a lot of people haven’t seen this movie, I honestly wouldn’t have either but I have my old nanny to thank for showing me this movie lol. Robin Williams is one of my favorite actors, he starred in a lot of movies I loved as a child. This is one of my favorites because the story is so unique and I love a good switch of identity. Please watch this if you have not already!

Bring it On: All or Nothing

Last but not least, I have chosen this movie as my last guilty pleasure. There are SO many bring it on movies out there but this one is by far the funniest one with the best actors. Solange Knowles as the sassy ghetto lead?! Are you serious?! I love it. As a kid I grew up pretty ghetto because of my cousins and the music and shows they introduced me to – this movie included, hence why I love it!


If you relate to me on any level and like any of these shows or movies, I commend you on your taste! LOL. These picks I could seriously watch over and over and probably will for the rest of my life.

Stay rad,











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