Day 22: 15 Year Old Tanya

Day 22: Describe how you are different from the person you were five years ago.

Oh man, when I think about 15 year old me I cannot help but CRINGEEEE. I was so dumb and naïve back in high school, especially when I was 15. I remember being super desperate for a boyfriend (even though I looked like a boy and never had a chance LOL), bad at school, and didn’t have very many friends. I was greasy and hung out with the greasy people in my grade. I had one best friend and me and her were inseparable, until we fought and fought and parted ways by the end of the year 😦

I am a completely different person now than what I was before. I have matured so much more and tbh I look WAY prettier. I am way smarter and actually enjoy trying hard in school and doing well for myself. I am more street-smart and know how to sense a fckboi from MILES away. I have found who my true and best friends are and I will NEVER let them go. I have found real love that I know will last and isn’t dumb puppy love.

15 year old Tanya would have been proud to see me today because she was very sad and confused all the time. She didn’t know her place or purpose in this world. She always did what other people told her to and didn’t allow herself to be her own human being. NOW, I have done the complete opposite of those in the span of 5 years and I would say that I am pretty damn proud of myself 🙂

Overall I would never go back to being 15 but if I had to tell my old self anything, it would be to ditch those who didn’t lead you to better and happier things in life. I would tell myself to try hard in school and work and be a good person to friends and family. I would tell myself to never give up and persevere because IT GETS BETTER! AND YOU WILL BLOSSOM AND BE MORE BEAUTIFUL!

Stay rad,




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